“Leave behind every hope you who enter” – Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy, 1308.

   Dear readers,

If you are reading this book is because you are really trying hard to improve your relationships and your lives.

Women, relationships and everything in between are definitely a joy for all of us. However, these things are also an enormous and undeniable source of problems and headaches.

 I am sure you can find any sort of self-help book on the topic.

 Unfortunately, you will read a huge number of conflicting information and misleading guidelines.

 So why is this book supposed to be better or different from the rest?

 First of all, let’s clarify that this is more than just a book. It’s a guide!

 Think about me as a survivor. A man that was blind and lost.

 I have trained myself to get rid of my blindness and clearly see my real situation.

 I crawled back from my misery and, with my remaining lucidity, I have managed to draw a map.

 Now that map is available for you!

 This book is written for men in a direct and effective way. There are not lies or soft topics but, most importantly, I won’t tell you that there is a simple way out of a relationship.

 Always remember to question my point of view and my visions.

 Simply instruct yourself on the topic and you will find the knowledge. Finally, put it to the test.

 I am not a superman or a special one. In fact, I am just a common man.  I am a child of the western culture. I had relationships, normal careers, life experiences and I am definitely one of the others out there.

 This book is a personal journey filled with original views and suggestions.

 It is packaged for men with a compression of experiences, tales, comparisons, hints and ideas. Obviously, not every man will agree on my views and neither will women.

 Let me underline that my intention is not to be sarcastic, cynical or to ridicule women.

 I actually love women. I love them a lot.

 I want them in my life and I want healthy relationships, too.

 Unfortunately, I had to go through hell and back to tell you the tale and I guess most of us have been there for regular short or long visits.

 The first thing everybody notices about “Hello-Hell!” is how strongly this book is connecting relationships and hell.

 I actually compare relationships with hell all the time!

 Let’s get to the core of this.

 According to lazy Wikipedia:

 “In many mythological, folklore and religious traditions, hell is a place of suffering and punishment in an afterlife.”

 If you think about it, relationships can be paradise, purgatory but also hell.  Clearly, every relationship is born in paradise. At the beginning everything looks perfect and beautiful, life in heavens is great!

 Unfortunately, a common couple also tends to move to purgatory or even descend into hell. Your happy life is over.


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